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”Super Fresh Cakes Bakers”, our cakes are freshly baked, cautiously crafted and adorned to any style and color combination.  

From safe to eat lace, fondant prints, fresh flowers on the cake, stylish cigarillos, slabs on cake, cornelli design, basket weave cakes to African pots and drums, you name it, we’ll make it.


Super Fresh Cakes Kenya, delivering happiness on a a sweet yummy cake taste.

Services we provide

Surprise your special someone with a delicious cake


A cupcake is a small cake designed to serve one person, which may be baked in a small thin paper or aluminum cup.

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Ice creams

Ice cream is a sweetened frozen food typically eaten as a snack or dessert. It may be made from dairy milk or cream and is flavoured with a sweetener, either sugar or an alternative, and any spice, such as cocoa or vanilla.

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Cake is a form of sweet food made from flour, sugar, and other ingredients, that is usually baked.

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Candy, also called sweets or lollies, is a confection that features sugar as a principal ingredient. The category, called sugar confectionery, encompasses any sweet confection, including chocolate, chewing gum, and sugar candy.

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Baked or cooked food; typically small, flat and sweet. It usually contains flour, sugar & some type of oil or fat. May include other ingredients such as raisins, oats, chocolate chips, nuts, etc

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A croissant is a buttery, flaky, viennoiserie pastry of Austrian origin, named for its historical crescent shape. Croissants and other viennoiserie are made of a layered yeast-leavened dough

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Our Mission

We proudly produce hand-decorated products, made-from-scratch breads, bagels, cakes, and cookies, which are customized for all occasions from Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and weddings. Our staff consists of skilled bakers with over 10 years of combined experience.

Super fresh cakes Kenya was founded in 2016 to provide a different taste and specialized treatment to people who love cakes.

  • Custom cakes
  • Birthday cakes
  • Seasonal treats
  • Cake Delivery
  • Wedding cakes
  • Gluten-free cakes
  • European delicacies
  • Full-service catering menu

Our Experience

Bread 95%
Cookies 97%
Cakes 98%
Cupcakes 88%
Wedding Cakes 99%

Our Team

Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field

Amos Super Fesh


Lead Chef

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